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6+ Hour Layover in Stockholm

Last Monday, while coming home from Sweden, I had ~7h layover between my flights. Since Arlanda Airport does not offer a lot to do, at least not for me and not for 7h, I had decided to go to Stockholm. This post sums up a few nice places, that I’d like to visit on my next trip there.

I took Arlanda Express, fast train that takes you directly from the airport to Stockholm. On board, you travel with 200km/h in good enough conditions. The trains takes you near the Central station in 20 minutes, which is great! The main venue I planned to see was Gamla Stan. All the attractions were also there, on the island.

The first noteworthy place on the road was Christina’s costume salon. Unfortunately closed on the day of my visit, however since it was recommended to me, and the place look interesting I plan on paying it another visit. This shop offers a lot of costumes, different sizes, themes. Website is: Shop’s page

Seems like just a usual gift shop, but has this unique feeling, this Norsk spirit. Shop offers many fantastic gifts and souvenirs, but unfortunately they don’t come cheap. Nevertheless, worth visiting and perhaps buying. Especially nice were little metal statues of Viking gods. Handfaste - The Viking Shop

Neat little workshop, that does metal signs on request, from your design. Very good quality. Actually there are quite a few of such workshops nearby, but this may serve as a reminder. Det “lille” Skyltmakerie

Awesome sci-fi, fantasy bookshop. Lots of stuff, comics, books, dvds, collectibles, etc. I strolled into it when going back to the airport, that’s why I had only around 5 minutes to look around. But the shop is definitely worth visiting. They offer English books among Swedish-lang ones, with 50:50 proportions in quantity. Science Fiction Bokhandeln

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The darkest and best supplied metal shop I’ve ever seen - thou haven’t seen many of such stores. Again, stumbled on it on my way to the airport, so had only around 5 minutes to look around, scan through t-shirts, etc :D Sound Pollution

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Some t-shirt shop, had also lots of underwear, dark costumes, etc. I think there may be more to it than I noticed.

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Unfortunately hadn’t found this during my wandering. Will try next time: Roberta Settels shoes designs

Don’t know the name of this packed with designer items place, but it was warm and cosy :) Prices were high and the utensils neat. Bore marks of “Swedish design school”.

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Så vackert är Stockholm i natt…