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Propaganda posters by GenAI

2024-04-09 00:00

generate a Chinese propaganda poster advocating for “all people should eat pringles”

Imagine a vibrant and dynamic Chinese propaganda poster, reminiscent of the mid-20th century style, that promotes a very unique and modern message: “All people should eat Pringles.” The poster features a diverse group of smiling people from various backgrounds, each holding a can of Pringles triumphantly in the air. In the background, a glorious sunburst radiates behind a giant Pringles can, symbolizing prosperity and unity. Bold, stylized text at the bottom of the poster, written in both Chinese and English, declares, “All people should eat Pringles” in an inviting and persuasive manner. The colors are bright and engaging, with reds and yellows dominating the palette to evoke a sense of enthusiasm and joy.

generate something similar in style but advocating for “the only good person is the one eating sour crout'

Create an engaging and dynamic Chinese propaganda poster, echoing the mid-20th century style, but this time with a unique and humorous message: “The only good person is the one eating sauerkraut.” The poster depicts a diverse group of individuals, each joyfully consuming sauerkraut, with one central character holding a bowl of sauerkraut high above, as if leading the others. In the backdrop, a radiant sunburst frames a large, enticing bowl of sauerkraut, symbolizing unity and excellence. The bold, stylized text at the bottom, presented in both Chinese and English, proclaims, “The only good person is the one eating sauerkraut,” in an inviting and convincing manner. The color scheme is vibrant, with greens and yellows dominating to reflect the theme of sauerkraut and evoke a sense of happiness and vitality.

generate a Russian propaganda poster from soviet era with a single person with a gun advocating for “all work and no play makes Ivan a dull boy”

Craft a Soviet-era Russian propaganda poster that presents a thought-provoking twist on the traditional themes of labor and diligence. The poster features a single, determined individual, embodying the ideal Soviet citizen, holding a rifle in one hand symbolizing defense and readiness. However, instead of promoting work or military achievements, the poster’s message is “All work and no play makes Ivan a dull boy.” This phrase, uncommon in Soviet propaganda, is boldly displayed in Russian Cyrillic at the bottom, with a smaller English translation beneath it. The individual’s expression is serious yet thoughtful, reflecting on the importance of balance in life. The background is stark and simple, focusing attention on the individual and the message. The overall color scheme is dominated by reds, blacks, and grays, maintaining the iconic Soviet propaganda aesthetic while introducing a modern and reflective message.

make this less realistic and more soviet propaganda poster

Redesign the previously created Soviet-era Russian propaganda poster to emphasize a more traditional and stylized Soviet propaganda aesthetic. This new version should depict the same concept - a single individual advocating for a balanced life with the phrase “All work and no play makes Ivan a dull boy” - but with a more exaggerated and iconic Soviet art style. The figure should be more abstract and emblematic, less focused on realistic details and more on conveying the ideological message through bold shapes, stark contrasts, and a limited color palette primarily consisting of red, black, and white. The typography of the message, both in Russian Cyrillic and English, should be large and in the style of Soviet posters, making it a central element of the design. The background should be simplified, utilizing geometric shapes or symbolic imagery to reinforce the message, with the overall feel being more graphic and less detailed.