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My Vim Setup

2019-05-05 00:00

I use some plugins for my vim, they’re mainly some random, interesting additions. I’ve never really got to building whole language environment with vim plugins - like, say, complete Scala-lang ecosystem.

So treat those as a bunch of semi-interesting plugins, that you may also find interesting.

Slightly modified vim pane


Nerdtree ( - the most basic plugin, enables convenient file browsing in a separate vim pane.

Nerdcommenter ( - a pretty ubiquitus tool for commenting stuff out

Vim-sessions ( - I recently started to use sessions a lot. They’re super useful and they allow to save the whole context of my edits, reads, etc. And of course easily restore it :) There is also a good introductory post into the world of sessions:

Tabline ( - just a simple script to handle tabs in vim

Ultisnips ( - a snippets plugin - borrowed from this splendid blogpost: This post is a treasure trove of interesting editing techniques and plugins to take from as you like. Also, there is part 2 available - equally wonderful.

Syntastic ( - this one is nice! Universal (as in “support a lot of languages”) syntax checker. If it doesn’t support you choice of programming language out of the box - check for associated plugins.


Landscape ( - my colorscheme of choice

With default colorscheme
With default colorscheme
With landscape
With landscape

Vim-airline ( - beautiful and very useful statusline, just have a look at the project page

Vim-devicons ( - adds icons to specific file types in nerdtree

Vim-startify ( - adds a startup screen to vim, with recently closed files, sessions. Pretty convenient to use, I must say.

I lied about not trying to build a complete language env with vim. I did. And it was Clojure.

So plugins I’ve used were: - just a couple key-bindings to ease the pains of working with vanilla vim-sexp.


Since I’m doing a lot of note-taking and editing in vim, I’ve recently settled on using Markdown. I also have multiple plugins for that


From time to time I need to edit some Latex file, so my vim contains also a plugin for that world, which is - overaly it’s easy to use, although I’m completely sure I’ve just scratched the surface of its possibilities.

Parting words

All my configs can be found in this repo:

I use pathogen as my plugin manager. Which is super cool to use. It’s really a no-ceremony tool to install new plugins :)

If you have some advice as to my setup - please, feel free to leave those in the comments’ section.

Also, don’t treat this as a complete list of plugins to use, just wander around and explore. Find your own way. During researching for this blogpost I’ve stumbled upon many more interesting plugins. For example, things I want to checkout in near future are: