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2012-10-18 00:00

About a month ago I finally received my very own Raspberry Pi board! Don’t know what that is? Here, read some at their website.

For the sake of completness let me just describe that as prototyping platform with ARM processor. It is really similar in concept to what Arduino is, except it has not that many extensions available (none? or very little, I’ve only found those on Adafruit pages).

So, here is the obligatory picture.

My very own R-Pi

It can run a Linux distribution, so anyone familiar with that can have a go with this low-powered computer.

The board itself is on the market for quite some time now. That’s why there are lots of interesting resources and projects that you can do with that stuff.

Here are just a bunch of them:

Do you also own R-Pi? Share what you plan to do with it.